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su·per·food : noun; a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.

This new term to the world of nutrition is essentially a marketing or colloquial term for foods that are very high in particular vitamins and minerals or packed with a combination of nutrients far more dense than commonly eaten varieties.

Some of the nutrients found in particular superfoods include antioxidants to help protect cells, healthy satiating fats that help to avoid the trans fats found in common processed foods.  There are many superfoods which are commonly revered by dietitians and healthy eating enthusiasts around the world.

With Ojio’s ability to source globally we have the advantage of being able to offer the best superfoods from the best regional farmers on earth. Here are just a few we have to offer.

Product:  Coconut Oil

What’s in it?  Ojio Coconut Oil is the pure oil from a mature coconut extracted using a low temperature centrifugal process.   Coconut oil was thought to be bad for human consumption due to its high saturated fat content.  As we learned more about fat, the opposite was discovered.   The medium and short chained fatty acids are actually good for us. 

Why do people buy it?  Coconut oil has a light, nutty flavor.  People all over the world use it on their skin, add it to smoothies and desserts or use it as a cooking oil.  It’s superior to other oils because it has a high heat tolerance.  Additional uses of coconut oil include; on the skin as a basic lotion, as an eye-makeup remover, to help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, as a delicious tropical massage oil and natural personal lubricant, as a low SPF tanning oil, as a natural hair conditioner, on hands after doing dishes to avoid dry skin, in a salve for cracked heels, on the elbows to help alleviate dry and flaky skin, as a replacement for vegetable oils in any recipe.

Where’s it from?  Ojio Coconut Oil is from sustainable, organic farms in the Philippines.  

How do I use it?  Use Ojio Coconut Oil as a replacement for butter, to thicken raw or vegan desserts and as an addition to smoothies.  The fat helps to slow absorption of sugar in the digestive process, so fruit smoothies become lower glycemic with a scoop of the oil.

Product:  Goji Berries

What’s in it?  From the same family as tomatoes, Goji Berries have the prized red antioxidants for longevity.   In Chinese medicine they are revered as one of the most medicinal foods.   With all the essential amino acids and an impressive mineral content, it’s no wonder these berries have hit the mainstream.

Why do people buy it?  Goji Berries are consumed for their Vitamin A and other antioxidants.  Energy, stronger immunity, and bowel regularity are some other reasons people buy Goji berries.

Where’s it from?  Ojio Goji Berries come from Ningxia Province in China, close to the Tibetan side of China.  Far away from industry and agricultural run off, our goji berries are clean and nutrient dense.  We always have them tested for chemical and microbe contamination. 

How do I use it?  Like other dried fruit, these can be enjoyed as a snack, blended into a smoothie, or baked into bread.  Active people often include it as an ingredient in a trail mix.  Other options for use are in salads, as part of a sauce or in desserts.

Product:  Maca

What’s in it?  Maca is a powerful root from the same family as broccoli and radishes.   It is one of the most effective adaptogens, which means it helps the human body adapt to stress.  It is thought to balance the hormones and is commonly used by women as they enter menopause.   Some studies have shown that it protects the prostate for men. 

Why do people buy it?  In addition to its effect on the hormones in both sexes, athletes use maca for energy and stamina.  As a pre-workout supplement, the difference is noticeable immediately.  The carb content is slow burning, so energy is sustained and the blood sugar is normalized.

Where’s it from?  Ojio Maca is from high elevation (over 14,000 feet) farms in the Andes.   It evolved in this harsh environment, and is superior to the low level commercial products sold in the market and as a supplement ingredient. 

How do I use it?   Being from the mustard (cruciferous) family, Maca has a strong, pungent taste and can overpower other flavors.  It blends well with chocolate as they balance each other.  An easy energy drink before a workout is maca and cacao powder, blended with almond milk and a light sweetener (like Ojio Agave Syrup).  Fast, easy and an energy powerhouse. 

Product:  Hemp Seeds

What’s in it?  Hemp is another nutritional powerhouse.  Packed with complete protein, EFAs (essential fatty acids), and an impressive amount of minerals and antioxidants, hemp seeds are becoming a staple in diets around the world. 

Why do people buy it?  Although most people initially buy hemp seeds for its nutritional benefits, they soon discover the rich, nutty flavor, and versatility as an ingredient.

Where’s it from?  Hemp seeds are illegal to grow in many countries because it is the male cannabis plant.  The female produces the buds and flowers know widely as marijuana.  Ojio Hemp Seeds are grown legally in Canada, and sold from the US legally because the husk has been removed. 

How do I use it?  Smoking it will just give you a bad headache, but the soft seed can be used as a salad condiment, blended in smoothies, as a snack out of the bag and many other ways.  Try turning into a fine powder in a food processer with dried oregano, parsley and sea salt.  You’ll be amazed how much it tastes like parmesan cheese on your pasta dish.

Product:  Cacao Powder

What’s in it?  Ojio Cacao butter is made during the process of extracting the oil from the cacao bean.  The results are cacao butter (the pure fat) and cacao powder.  Because most of the fat has been removed, cacao powder has a higher concentration of antioxidants and magnesium.   Some tests show that cacao powder has one of the highest amounts of antioxidants of any food.

Why do people buy it?  Most people buy cacao powder to get the benefits of chocolate without the added sugar, milk and other ingredients.  The high amounts of magnesium make it a great product for women (Magnesium is lost during the menstrual cycle).  Also, the fresh bean is purple inside, making it one of the richest sources of the superior purple antioxidants.  The concentration of cacao powder makes it all the more potent.  Lastly, cacao powder has a chemical called theobromine (similar to caffeine) which is a cardiovascular stimulant.  This makes it a heart healthy food and gives the consumer a sense of euphoria while improving focus and energy. 

Where’s it from?  Our heirloom cacao powder is made from beans grown along the coast in Ecuador.  After harvesting, the beans are taken to a higher elevation (over 2,000 feet) and dried at a low temperature.  The higher elevation is much dryer than the coast minimizing the chance of mold or other bacteria from growing on the product during the drying process.

How do I use it?  One of the most versatile powders we sell, Ojio Cacao powder can be used in smoothies with almond milk or fruit, to create homemade chocolate that is tasty and healthy, to make chocolate sauces or mousse, and so much more.  Just google “raw cacao powder recipes” and start experimenting.   This is a great activity to do with kids.

Product:  Agave Syrup

What’s in it?  Agave syrup/nectar is a liquid sweetener made from the agave plant (yes, the same one used to make tequila).  It has the non-digestible fiber called inulin in addition to digestible sugars like fructose.  It also contains minerals, vitamins and saponins unlike other sweeteners (e.g. table sugar, corn syrup). 

Why do people buy it?  Agave is two to three times sweeter than sugar, so less of the product can be used for the same sweetness.  People watching their weight and avoiding too much sugar choose agave for the inulin and low-glycemic properties. 

Where’s it from? Ojio Agave Syrup is from the heart of Mexico.  We use the highly regarded Tequilana Weber Blue Agave plant, and process it with a pressure mechanism to ensure a high quality product. 

How do I use it?  Agave syrup can be used to replace sugar in any ingredient.  As it is a liquid and more concentrated, the quantities may need adjustment. Try a ratio of 2 to 1 to start.  Agave can also be used to sweeten coffee, tea or cereal and virtually anything you want to add sweetener to. 

Product:  Himalayan Salt

What’s in it?  Ojio Himalayan salt is the pure salt mined from ancient salt caves in the Himalayas.  In addition to sodium chloride, this salt contains over 80 trace minerals.

Why do people buy it?  Unprocessed sea salt is used as an alternative to regular table salt.  Despite propaganda from the media and mainstream health industry, using naturally-occurring sea salt does make a difference for health.  Many studies and individual reports testify to a difference in blood pressure and other problems brought on by a high-salt diet.

Where’s it from?  Our salt comes from caves that have been isolated within the great Himalayas for millions of years.  When India crashed into Asia and formed these magnificent mountains, ancient sea salt was trapped in caves and has been hidden from the sun, atmosphere and modern pollution ever since. 

How do I use it?  Himalayan salt can be used just like table salt in any recipe.  Try adding a pinch to your smoothie as it helps to balance out all the flavors.

Product:  Coconut Palm Sugar

What’s in it?  Ojio Coconut Palm Sugar is made from the nectar of the coconut palm blossoms.  In addition to the naturally occurring sugars, palm sugar is a great source of several minerals and vitamins.

Why do people buy it?  With a glycemic index about half that of cane sugar, palm sugar is sought for it’s slow-burning properties, mineral contents (e.g. potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron), vitamins like B and C, and it’s rich, sweet taste.

Where’s it from?  Our palm sugar is grown sustainably in Java (an island in Indonesia). 

How do I use it?  This versatile sweetener dissolves in water and can be used in any ingredient to replace sugar.  Use a 1 to 1 ratio in recipes and benefit from half the glycemic index or better. 

Product:  Almonds

What’s in it?  Almonds are a great source of plant-derived proteins and fats.  They also have a host of antioxidants, like flavonoids, vitamin E and vitamin B2.  The skin is particularly concentrated with antioxidants, minerals and other constituents.

Why do people buy it?  Ojio Almonds are truly raw and whole.  Consumers looking for unpasteurized almonds with the skin pay a little extra for these almonds, but reap the benefits in flavor and nutrition.  Studies have also shown that almonds can help stabilize blood sugar. 

Where’s it from?  More than 75% of the world’s almond supply is grown in California.  However, state and federal law requires that all almonds from this state be pasteurized with hot steam, so even raw almonds from California are anything but raw.  Our almonds are imported from Spain and pass the much stricter EU standards for organic certification. 

How do I use it?  Raw almonds can be used in a trail mix, to add texture and nutrients to desserts and entrees, as a salad ingredient or as a snack by itself.  If you think making almond milk sounds complicated, just pull up some recipes for “Raw Almond Milk” online and discover how easy and economical it is.  Raw Chocolate Almond Milk, anyone?

Product:  Cashews

What’s in it?  Ojio cashews are rich in healthy fats, including Omega fats and Oleic acid.  They are also a good source of magnesium, iron, zinc, tryptophan and Vitamin K. 

Why do people buy it?  Customers buy our cashews for its nutritious properties and as a source of protein.  The creamy texture make it a great nut for many recipes.

Where’s it from?  Our cashews are from sustainable organic farms in the tropical areas of Vietnam. 

How do I use it?  Cashews are soft, creamy nuts that are very versatile in recipes.  Cashew nut cheese, milk and butter are easier than you might think.  They can also be used as an ingredient in trail mixes, salads, smoothies, bars desserts or as a snack by itself. 

Product:  Black Chia

What’s in it?  Chia is a seed that has been used as food long before the Chia Pet.  With a great balance of Omega fats, particularly the inflammation-reducing Omega 3, all essential amino acids and a host of B Vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, it’s no wonder this superfood has become a staple at every health food store. 

Why do people buy it?  Obviously, health conscious people migrate to chia for its nutritional value.  However, chia absorbs water when placed in liquid and swells up to about 300 times its size.  In Mexico, long distance runners make a lemonade with chia that helps them stay hydrated.  It also makes raw desserts like mousse and parfait set. 

Where’s it from?  Ojio black and white chia seeds are from Mexico, where they are grown organically far from industrial or agricultural pollution

How do I use it?  Chia can be added to any salad or smoothie, mixed with water, lemon juice and agave to make a hydrating drink, mixed with dessert ingredients as an emulsifier, and so much more.

Product:  Quinoa

What’s in it?  Often seen as a grain, Quinoa is actually a seed that is loaded with magnesium and iron, as well as other trace minerals.  Another complete protein with all the essential amino acids, Quinoa is exceptionally high in grams of protein per serving (5 grams).  Because it is not a grain, it’s gluten free.

Why do people buy it?  Quinoa is eaten traditionally in areas where the plant is native to, like Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador.  Other countries have discovered Quinoa due to its protein content, fiber and minerals; people with celiac disease or a sever gluten intolerance enjoy the grain by itself or in a wide range of GF foods.  It has a full, nutty taste.

Where’s it from?  Ojio Quinoa is grown in fields below the Andes near salt flats.  The rich soil ensures that our Quinoa packs its full potential nutritionally.

How do I use it?  Quinoa can be used to replace rice or other grains in most recipes.  Raw foodists don’t need to feel left out, because Quinoa can sprout and be used in many ways.  One of our favorite ways to eat Quinoa at Ultimate Superfoods is the mix it with our Coconut Aminos and avocado chunks. 

Product:  Cacao Nibs

What’s in it?  Cacao nibs have most of the same properties as cacao powder, but the nibs are a whole food with all the fat.  The oils in cacao are a good balance between saturated and unsaturated fats, and are very stable compared to other plant-based oils.  The nibs have all the brain food, antioxidants and stimulants of the powder, but with less intensity. 

Why do people buy it?  Not as popular as cacao powder, people looking for the benefits of chocolate that want more of a complete food go for cacao nibs.  The whole bean has a thin skin like an almond that is removed and the bean falls into pieces or nibs.  Also, smoothie and chocolate makers use nibs to add texture and crunchiness to their recipes. 

Where’s it from?  Ojio Cacao Nibs are from the same trees as our Ecuadorian Cacao Powder.

How do I use it?  Nibs add a chunky chocolate texture to smoothies, and can be sprinkled on chocolate or other desserts for texture.  They can make a tasty and energy-providing part of a trail mix.  At Ultimate Superfoods, we stuff dried figs or peaches with cacao nibs for a treat that is out of this world.

Product:  Golden Berries

What’s in it?  As part of the tomato family, Golden Berries look very much like their cousin, the tomatillo yet with a bright orange fruit and paper thin outer layer.  It’s loaded with vitamins A and C, calcium and iron and a list of antioxidants like all members of the Night Shade family.

Why do people buy it?  Golden berries are quickly becoming a favorite snack for healthy eaters and raw foodists.  The tart, tangy afterbite reveal its high vitamin C content, which helps protect the immune system. 

Where’s it from?  Ojio Golden Berries are grown organically in Peru.  They can grow anywhere the tomato can.

How do I use it? Sometimes called a gooseberry, golden berries are chewy and tangy when dried.  They make a great snack that is low in sugar, even for kids that like sweet and sour things.  Pies, smoothies, jams and energy bars are some of the other uses for this tangy fruit.

Product:  Chlorella / Spirulina tablets

What’s in it?  Chlorella and Spirulina are two of the most popular and widely consumed of the algaes.  Both are fresh water algaes found throughout the world.  The combination packs a nutritional profile that would be hard to beat.  Just about every macro- and micronutrient known (and unknown) is found in these algaes.  Essential fatty acids, complete protein, vitamin B12, iron and chlorophyll are just a few of them.  Spirulina actually has more protein by dry weight than a steak. 

Why do people buy it? Both algaes are consumed for nutritional supplementation (covers all the bases), alkalization, joint, brain and blood health, digestion assistance, and as a gentle detox.  Chlorophyll has been studied for its ability to remove heavy metals and other industrial bi-products  from the body.  Spirulina has a high amount of the blue pigment which greatly reduces inflammation and supports brain health.

Where’s it from?  Wild sources of algae are questionable today due to the prevalence of toxins in the environment including radiation for Nuclear Power Plants.  Both Ojio algaes are grown in outdoor pools that imitate their natural environment as much as possible.  Although it’s difficult and expensive to certify algae as organic, our algaes are all tested by a third party to insure purity.

How do I use it?  Spirulina and Chlorella are not taken for their culinary uses.  They are totally about nutrition and can easily be swallowed at any time of the day. 

Product:  Earthling Organic Bars (Goji, Vanilla, Cacao & Matcha)

What’s in it?   These raw, organic, gluten-free energy bars all have a base of coconut, almonds, figs, and unprocessed agave nectar.  Each flavor adds a valuable superfood with its own benefits.

Why do people buy it?  Earthling Organic Bars are one of the best tasting bars on the market.  People are surprised by the flavor and texture, since most raw, organic bars are dry, too hard or mushy.  The cost is another reason these are the best selling bars at Ultimate Superfoods MSRP is under $2).

Where’s it from?  Using ingredients sourced here at Ultimate Superfoods, the brand manager of this line, Jake, and his staff create all Earthling bars at USF headquarters in Moorpark, CA.  You know you’re getting the best.

How do I use it?  Earthling Organic bars are ready to eat right out of the package.  Take them on trips, hikes or to work.  Enjoy as a healthy snack in between meals or as a whole food, organic breakfast bar.  The cacao bar makes a great pre-workout snack.

Product:  Ojio Organic Aminos (Coconut)

What’s in it?  This liquid aminos product is made from the coconut tree’s sap that is age fermented like traditional soy sauce and tamari.  The result is a gluten- and soy-free product that has half the sodium, but all the aminos.

Why do people buy it?  Many people are allergic to soy and/or wheat, or they are trying to avoid them for health reasons.  Ojio Organic Aminos is a great tasting alternative that is also healthy and nutritious.

Where’s it from?  This coconut product comes from small, sustainable farms in the Philippines. 

How do I use it?  This product can be used in any prepared food dish that requires or works well with Soy Sauce.  It has a less salty, lighter taste with a touch of sweetness.  Use it for marinades, stir-fry, sautés and so much more.  One of our favorite ways to use it (besides adding it to the Quinoa) is to wrap tomatoes, avocados and sprouts in a nori sheet and sprinkle the Aminos over everything before wrapping.  

Product:  Nori Sheets

What’s in it?  As a saltwater algae, Nori is the most common sea weed in the world.  Grown in tanks in the sun to ensure they are not contaminated, Ojio Nori is packed with protein, Vitamins and Trace Minerals, fiber and more potassium than you could ever get from bananas. 

Why do people buy it?  Although chlorella and Spirulina are up and coming algae, Nori is, by far, the leader of the pack.  Used widely in sushi bars to make sushi rolls, hand rolls and more.  Raw foodists love the easy wraps and vegan sushi options.  The taste is mild and salty, but the nutrition is a powerhouse.

Where’s it from?  Our Nori sheets come from traditional nori growers in China and are grown organically, although certification is not available in the US.  Don’t be fooled by the green color of other brands.  The purplish-green color is natural and what it looks like before heating.  This is a raw food. 

How do I use it?  Nori can be used as a healthy wrap (sse above entry), to make your own sushi, as a salad ingredient, and much more.  Its light flavor profile make it a great snack for kids as well.

Product:  Jungle Peanuts

What’s in it?  An heirloom  peanut from the Amazon, Ojio Jungle Peanuts are a wild, untamed member of the legume family.  Packed with over 30% protein, good fats and the slow-burning carbohydrates found in beans and legumes, Ojio Jungle Peanuts have all the benefits of the peanut without the downside.

Why do people buy it?  Some researchers believe that everyone reacts to peanuts from very mildly to dangerously sometimes resulting in death.  Hybridized, cultivated peanuts have lost many of their natural defenses and typically have a mold called aflatoxin.  All peanuts are tested and are allowed a certain level, even though many people are deathly allergic to this mold.  Jungle Peanuts test negative (in most cases), so it’s an obvious choice for peanut lovers. 

Where’s it from?  Ojio Jungle Peanuts grow along the upper Amazon in Peru.  These native legumes with purple stripes on the skin can easily be cultivated without disrupting the natural environment. 

How do I use it?  Use Jungle Peanuts in recipes that ask for peanuts or nuts.  You can also make bars, trail mixes and raw peanut butter with the right equipment. 

Product:  Ojio Ionic Magnesium

What’s in it?  Ojio Magnesium has a highly bio-available form of magnesium that is derived from ancient sea salt. 

Why do people buy it?  Because Magnesium is one of the most important minerals for humans (involved in over 300 different functions in the body), customers use our Ionic Magnesium as a supplement to their healthy diets.  Some reports indicate that up to half of the population in the US are deficient in this essential mineral.  Taking this product can help you be on the right side of this statistic. 

Where’s it from?  Ojio Ionic Magnesium is derived from natural mineral salts from caves around the Great Salt Lake of Utah.  This ancient sea salt is unusually high in magnesium.  Solar energy is used to dry the salt and the concentrated powder is dissolved in pure water. 

How do I use it?  Because this is a highly concentrated supplement, it is not meant to be taken in full strength.  Put recommended drops in water, juice or other liquid. 

The statements on these products have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your physician before starting any dietary regimen.