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Stonehaus Cycling Team

The Stonehaus Trek Racing Team is group of competitive mountain and cyclocross bike racers from the greater Thousand Oaks area of California. The team formed after the closing of the Platinum Performance Team run by Todd Booth for over ten years. Many of the Platinum riders were determined to keep the family going. So a new chapter formed, with father/ son duo Jon and Mason Miller taking the helm. The two, guided the team's first steps in collecting the sponsors, adding a few more riders and pushing a new name in the XC scene. Their first season saw a huge success after numerous podium finishes. To top it off, the team took it's first Championship title in the Pro/Cat 1 division in the US Cup Series Team division. The 2016 season looks brighter than ever with two current State Champs (Tyler Weyman and Jon Miller) representing the youth and the masters of the sport. Look for the team to leave it's mark on the west coast!

This team is not only looking to put riders onto the podium, but to guide the youth of the sport in the right direction. The team has close ties with a local high school mountain bike team Ojio Sport also sponsors in Newbury Park. This local NPHS team itself has received a lot of attention recently due to its program, with over 45 students racing their bikes each year. The Stonehaus Trek Racing team has taken many of these young riders under it's wing. For example Stonehaus rider, Bobby Langin Sr. has put his time into coaching the NPHS team. As well as, Jon Miller, Alex Teno and Tim Sparks who mentor these young riders by volunteering on the school rides. Helping kids grow into responsible hard working adults is a high priority among each rider on the Stonehaus roster. For more information check out

The Stonehaus Team

  •  Jon Miller – Cat 1 60-64
  • Todd Booth – Cat 1 45-49
  • Alex Teno – Cat 1 50-54
  • Fransisco Vidal – Cat 1 55-59
  • Ryan Corbet – Cat 1 40-44
  • Tyler Weyman – Cat 1 17-18
  • Mark Scott – Cat 1 SS
  • Dave Culbertson – Cat 1 50-54
  • Bryn Noe – Cat 1 40-44
  • Adam Poytress – Cat 1 35-39
  • Tim Sparks – Cat 1 SS
  • Al Garza – Cat 1 SS
  • Chris Jones – Cat 1 SS
  • Josh West – Cat 1 35-39
  • Brian Scarbrough – Cat 1 25-29
  • Justin Hurdle – Cat 1 17-18
  • Nathan Reynolds – Cat 1 17-18