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Ojio Sport

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  • Thunderbolt Electrolytes Powder Packets
    We developed Ojio Sport Electrolytes to help keep you both hydrated and nourished with vitamins and over 70 concentrated trace minerals.
    • 30 convenient single serving packets.
    • Use before, during, or after exercise.
    • Low sugar, vegan, and gluten-free; no caffeine or artificial flavors.
    • Over 70 concentrated, all-natural ionic minerals.
    • A full 1,200mg of Vitamin C (2,000% of the RDA).
    • 500% of the RDA on Vitamins B6 & B12.
    • Over 15 other elements/vitamins.
    • Pristine, age-old inland sea source; solar-evaporated.
    • Environmentally-friendly harvesting.
    Starting at $29.99
  • Thunderbolt Liquid Electrolytes
    Ojio Sport Thunderbolt Electrolytes keep you hydrated and boost your performance with over 70 concentrated minerals.
    • 30 concentrated servings per bottle.
    • Use before, during, or after exercise.
    • Hydrating, for energy and stamina.
    • All-in-one electrolyte. minerals, and replenishing vitamins.
    Starting at $29.99