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Sean "The Prez" Cassar - Mountain Biker

Sean "The Prez" Cassar - Mountain Biker

As the president of Ultimate Superfoods and Ojio Sport, Sean is proud to be involved in an industry he believes in. He comes from a family of alternative health providers, himself, as well as his two older brothers Mark and Robert Cassar who are all Chiropractors, with over 30 years of combined chiropractic experience in healing between the three. It was Chiropractic as a health related medical field, and an active lifestyle, which made for a perfect transition when the brothers established Ultimate Superfoods in 2009. Later, as USF collected many active endurance sports loving employees, it became easy to take those nutritious foods, and a zeal for sports activities, to create the all natural endurance line – Ojio Sport. Sean has always been a believer in preventative chiropractic and natural healing, with a focus on the importance of natural nutrition, and regular exercise.

Active Life Now and Zen

As a member of the Conejovalley Mountain Bikers (CMB) group, Sean partakes in several mountain bike races as an amateur racer every year. Recently, he began adding road cycling to his repertoire, which he would say, ‘rounds out his riding addiction nicely.’ He has always been very active, and has a fondness for team-oriented competition and individual sports. As a youngster, Sean played predominately soccer throughout his youth, however, growing up in California made it easy for him to also engage himself as an avid surfer, skateboarder, water skier, wake-boarder, snowboarder, and motocross rider (to name a few). Living in Ventura County affords him some of the best mountain biking trails in the country, and he takes advantage of them daily. Cycling, trail running, or hiking, you can find Sean, somehow or another, in the local California mountains on a daily basis.

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