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Samantha Caligiuri - Sport Climbing

Samantha Caligiuri - Sport ClimbingGrowing up in silver springs Maryland, I spent most of my life as a gymnast, with the dream of competing in the Olympics. When forced to stop, (due to injury) my life was shattered. The lights turned off and I was left wandering in the dark for years until one day someone introduced me to rock climbing. I moved to Utah in 2010 for skiing and mountain biking, but one sunny summer day in 2011 everything changed, and climbing became everything. The feeling that it brings, the people you meet, and the adventures it leads to… there’s simply nothing else that compares; it’s a beautiful thing. My gymnastics background has provided me with a powerful foundation for rock climbing, yet there is much to learn. I have always had to set short term and long-term goals as a gymnast, and take great pleasure when I reach these. Short-term goals are every day that I wake up and get to live the life I love. Long-term goals can be a bit more challenging; I would just like to continue to push my self as far as I can and as long as I can. We only live once; I will live my life with no regrets.

Let me just start off by saying I love rock climbing and live for it – every morning that I wake up and rock up. Climbing is still very new to me, I started climbing back in the beginning of 2011, and fell in love with the sport. I was climbing every second I wasn’t in class. After graduating in October, of the same year, I hit the road and haven’t looked back.

I have been very fortunate with the area and the people I learned to climb with. I have spent most of the time climbing around on Utah’s beautiful Limestone. I just can’t get enough of the crimpy, technical, and balancey style of climbing. As far as my wonderful friends that taught how to climb, if it wasn’t for their experience, technique, and form that I strive so hard to mimic when I am climbing I would not have become the climber I am today so quickly. They all climb with such ease and calmness when on the wall, even when trying hard or scared, something that can take years to learn, some never do. They were able to teach me very quickly. I am very lucky.

Not every day can be a winner, just remember some days we succeed and others we fail, but the feeling you get from challenging yourself makes every day a win, the feeling of failure is not a negative one: thrive off of the adrenaline that comes from giving it your all. As a climber there is really only one way to get better and that is to fail over and over, but if you stick with it and fight through the repeated hardship you will come out on top. A champion.

"We Try, We Fall, We Try Again, We Fall Again, We Keep Trying, Then We Smile" ~ Samantha Caligiuri

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