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David Deak - Ironman Triathlete

David Deak - Ironman TriathleteIronman David Deak in his own words:

Running my own business offered the independence that allowed me to train and race frequently. At the end of 2012, I made the decision to scale back on my triathlon endeavors (but not end it!), and take on new career opportunities. That is, I joined an exciting start-up company, spun out of MIT, to work on developing and deploying energy storage technology for massive grid-scale applications.

I am an Ironman triathlete with dreams of qualifying for the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. I started triathlon in 2006 after my mother's passing from cancer. In 2009, I became a kidney donor for my father, after his own kidneys failed from end-stage renal disease. I believe that one can flourish in life, athletically and otherwise, free of degenerative diseases like cancer, diabetes, or heart disease. How? It is grounded on the fact that following a plant-based diet, rich in whole-foods, prevents and reverses these conditions.

And then there is triathlon, the kidney donation, the “thrive” diet, and the Ironman commitment to name a few.

Ojio is proud to sponsor Ironman David Deak. Visit for more information regarding David Deak.

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